Double the Protection: Mr.Shield HTC U11 Screen Protector Review

Double the Protection: Mr.Shield HTC U11 Screen Protector Review

Welcome back to our blog, where we provide honest and insightful reviews on a wide variety of ⁢products. ⁢Today, we want to share‌ our experience with the⁢ Mr.Shield⁤ [2-PACK] Designed For HTC U11⁤ [Tempered Glass] [Full Cover] [Black] Screen Protector with Lifetime ⁤Replacement.

We all know the importance ⁣of keeping our⁣ devices protected, and having a reliable screen protector is essential. After putting the Mr.Shield screen protector to the test, we were impressed by its durability and high quality. The⁣ surface hardness of 9H made us⁤ feel confident that our HTC U11 was safe from scratches and high impact drops.

Not only does this screen protector offer excellent protection, but it also⁣ maintains 99.99% HD⁤ clarity⁤ and touchscreen accuracy. The precise laser cut tempered glass ⁣with polished, rounded edges gives ⁣a sleek and seamless look on our device.

And let’s not forget about the lifetime replacement warranty‍ offered by Mr.Shield. Knowing that we are covered in case anything happens to the screen protector gives us peace of mind.

Overall, we ⁣highly recommend the Mr.Shield screen protector⁣ for anyone looking to ‍keep ​their HTC U11 safe and ⁣secure. Stay tuned ​for more reviews from us!

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When it comes to protecting our HTC U11, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we trust Mr.Shield’s tempered ⁣glass screen protector to keep our device safe⁢ from scratches and high‌ impact​ drops. With a surface hardness​ of 9H, this protector⁣ is highly durable and scratch resistant,⁢ giving us peace of mind that⁢ our⁤ screen is well-protected.

The precise laser cut tempered glass, with polished rounded edges, offers ⁢99.99% HD clarity and‍ touchscreen accuracy, ensuring that‍ our‍ viewing experience remains crystal ⁤clear and responsive. Plus, with Mr.Shield’s No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee, we⁤ know that we ⁣are covered⁢ in case anything happens to our‌ screen protectors.⁤ For top-notch protection and peace of mind, we highly recommend investing in Mr.Shield’s screen protectors for your HTC U11.

Surface Hardness 9H
Clarity 99.99%
Color Black

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Premium Protection for Your HTC U11 ​Screen

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Protect your HTC U11 screen with the‍ Mr.Shield [2-PACK] ‌ Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This product provides premium protection against⁤ scratches and high impact drops, thanks to its 9H surface hardness. The precise laser cut tempered glass with polished, rounded edges offers 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy, ensuring optimal viewing and functionality. Plus, with the No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee from​ Mr.Shield, ​you can trust that⁣ your screen will⁢ always be safeguarded.

Our screen protector comes in a pack of two,⁣ giving you a spare for backup or to share with a friend. The black color adds a sleek look to your ⁣device without sacrificing clarity ​or touch sensitivity.⁤ Don’t compromise on the safety of your HTC ‌U11 screen – invest in the Mr.Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector today and enjoy ‍lasting protection with peace of⁣ mind. Upgrade your​ device’s defense now ‌by clicking⁣ this link to purchase: Shop Now.

Durable ⁢Tempered​ Glass with Full Coverage

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We recently purchased the Mr.Shield screen protector for our HTC U11 and⁢ we are extremely pleased with its quality and durability. The ⁢tempered ​glass ‌provides⁢ full ‌coverage, ensuring our screen is protected from scratches and high impact drops. The surface hardness of 9H makes it highly durable ‍and scratch resistant, giving us peace of mind knowing our device is fully protected.

  • The precise laser cut tempered glass ⁣with⁤ polished, ‌rounded edges gives the screen ​protector a sleek ⁤look and feel.
  • With 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy, we haven’t experienced any interference with the functionality of our phone.
  • It’s also reassuring ‌to know that the product is backed by Mr.Shield’s ⁣No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee, ⁤providing us with added confidence in our purchase.

Features Benefits
Full Coverage Tempered Glass Protection from scratches and⁢ high impact drops
Surface Hardness 9H Highly durable and scratch resistant
99.99% HD ⁢Clarity Crystal-clear⁢ viewing experience
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Peace of ​mind and confidence in‌ the product

If ⁢you’re⁤ looking for a reliable and durable tempered glass screen ‌protector for your HTC U11, we highly recommend the Mr.Shield ⁢option. ​Click here to purchase it ​now and ensure the protection of ‌your ‌device.

Our Recommendation: A ‌Must-Have for Your Device

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When it comes to keeping‌ our‍ device safe and protected, we always turn to the Mr.Shield Screen Protector. This 2-pack ​of tempered glass protectors ⁤is⁢ designed specifically for the HTC⁣ U11, providing full coverage and a sleek black finish. From scratches to‌ high impact drops, this screen protector​ offers top-notch‌ protection with its surface hardness of 9H. The precise laser cut tempered​ glass with polished rounded edges ensures ‍a perfect fit​ and​ 99.99%⁣ HD clarity for optimal touchscreen accuracy.

With Mr.Shield’s No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement⁤ guarantee, you can‍ rest assured that your device will stay protected for the long haul. Don’t take any chances with your valuable device – invest in the Mr.Shield Screen Protector today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your HTC ⁣U11 is‌ safe and secure. Click here to get yours now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ‌Reviews ​Analysis:

Positive‍ Reviews Negative Reviews
This screen protector ⁢is⁣ easy to apply and ⁣covers the whole​ screen of the HTC U11. The protector is not completely oil-resistant and ⁤smudges easily,‌ affecting touch sensitivity over time.
The customer⁤ service provided is⁢ excellent, with quick responses​ and replacements under the‌ lifetime warranty. The protector does ‍not fit correctly with certain ⁣phone cases ​and can⁤ lift with pressure, causing a “rainbow effect.”
Users appreciate the value of⁢ getting two protectors with a lifetime warranty for a reasonable price. The ​protector may create a rainbow effect, fail to⁣ cover the ‌full screen, and have a dot matrix visible when ‌the ‍screen is off.

Based on customer reviews, the Mr.Shield HTC U11 Screen Protector offers easy application, full‍ screen coverage, and excellent customer service. However, some users have reported issues with⁢ oil-resistance, fitting⁤ with phone cases, and visual disturbances on the screen. Overall,‌ the majority of customers find⁤ this product to be a good value for the protection it⁤ provides.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. High-Quality Protection: Mr.Shield offers top-tier protection against scratches and ⁣high impact drops.
2. Lifetime Replacement: The⁤ No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement ​guarantee ensures that you can always have a ‍fresh⁢ screen ‍protector.
3. HD Clarity: With 99.99% HD Clarity, you won’t have to ​sacrifice image quality for protection.
4. Easy Installation: The precise laser cut tempered glass makes installation a breeze.
5. Full Cover: This screen protector provides full coverage for ⁢your⁤ HTC U11 screen.


1. Limited Color Options: This screen protector⁢ only comes in black, which may not ‍appeal to all⁢ users.
2. Slightly Thick: Some​ users may find that the added protection‍ makes the screen protector feel⁢ slightly thick.
3. Fingerprints: While the tempered glass is easy‍ to clean, it may attract fingerprints more easily ​than other materials.

Overall, the Mr.Shield HTC U11 screen protector offers superior protection and clarity, with the added ‍bonus of a lifetime replacement guarantee. Just be aware of the limited color options ⁢and slight thickness that may come with this level ⁤of protection.⁣


Q: How easy is it to install the Mr.Shield HTC ⁣U11 screen ⁢protector?

A: Installing the Mr.Shield screen protector on your‍ HTC U11 is a breeze! The package comes with everything you need for a smooth installation process, including step-by-step instructions. Simply follow the guidelines provided, and you’ll have your screen protected ⁤in no time.

Q: Does the screen protector interfere with ‌the touchscreen sensitivity of the HTC U11?

A: Not at all! The Mr.Shield screen protector is ⁤designed to maintain 99.99% touchscreen accuracy, so you can continue to enjoy all the features and functions of your HTC U11 without any issues.

Q: How durable is the Mr.Shield screen protector?

A: The Mr.Shield screen protector is made with high-quality tempered​ glass that‌ has a ‌surface hardness of 9H, making it highly durable ‌and scratch resistant.‍ It can ‍withstand high impact ​drops and everyday wear and tear, providing long-lasting protection for your‌ device.

Q: What sets the Mr.Shield screen⁢ protector apart from other​ brands?

A: One of the standout features of the Mr.Shield ⁤screen protector ​is the lifetime ⁢replacement⁢ guarantee. If ‍your ​screen ⁢protector ⁤gets damaged or worn out, ⁤simply ‍contact Mr.Shield for a⁣ hassle-free replacement. This added layer⁢ of protection‌ ensures that your HTC U11 remains safeguarded at all times.

Q: Can I still use a phone case ⁢with⁣ the Mr.Shield screen protector installed?

A:‍ Absolutely! The Mr.Shield screen protector is‌ designed to be compatible with most phone cases, so you can still customize⁤ your HTC ​U11 with your favorite ‌case while keeping⁢ the screen fully ‍protected.

Unleash Your True Potential

As we wrap up our review of the Mr.Shield HTC U11 screen protector, we can confidently say that this product ⁣offers double ⁤the protection for your device. With its durable tempered glass construction, precise laser cut design, and lifetime replacement⁣ guarantee, ⁤it truly ⁣has everything you ⁢need ⁤to keep your ‍HTC U11’s screen safe and sound.

If you’re ready to give your phone the ultimate defense against scratches and drops, we highly recommend checking out the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed For‍ HTC U11 Screen Protector. Click here⁣ to get your hands ‌on ⁢this fantastic product: Mr.Shield HTC U11 Screen Protector.

Protect your device with Mr.Shield ⁤and⁣ never ​worry about screen damage again.

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