Revamp Your Sofa: Ashley Mercado Recliner Handle Review

Revamp Your Sofa: Ashley Mercado Recliner Handle Review

Looking to upgrade your recliner chair but not⁣ sure where ‍to start? Look no further than⁢ the⁢ 2 ‍Pack ‍Metal Recliner Replacement Parts! These durable metal⁤ handles are the perfect solution ‌for giving‍ your sofa or couch a fresh new look. With a universal fit for most reclining sofas ⁢and chairs, including Ashley⁣ and other major​ brands, you can trust that ⁣these ‍replacement parts will‌ do the job. Sturdy and easy to use, ‍these metal handles are ⁤a⁢ great aftermarket replacement option. Keep reading to find out more about our firsthand experience with these black suite recliner replacement parts.

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When looking for a reliable ⁤replacement handle for your recliner chair or sofa, look no further than this durable metal lever.​ Designed to fit most reclining sofas and chairs, this universal recliner replacement handle is compatible with popular brands like Ashley‌ and Major. Constructed from sturdy metal material, this oval style handle is more durable than‌ plastic​ alternatives,⁢ ensuring long-lasting ​usability.

Measuring at 11.2 cm in length, 6.6 cm in height, and 3.8 cm ⁣in depth, this black suite recliner pull ‍handle is easy to install and use.⁤ Simply ⁣swap out your old or⁢ broken handle with this high-quality replacement part to give your‌ sofa a fresh‌ new ​look. Each pack includes 2 pieces of the metal replacement handle and 2 ‌hook pieces,⁢ making it a cost-effective ‍solution for upgrading‌ your recliner. Double check the ⁤size of your old handle before purchasing to ensure a proper fit. Don’t ‍miss out on this affordable and⁣ practical solution for your recliner needs!

For hassle-free ‍recliner ⁣handle replacement, get yours today at Amazon.Key Features and Aspects
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When‍ it comes to the of this 2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts, we were impressed by the universal fit that makes it suitable for most reclining sofas and chairs, including popular brands like Ashley and Major. The sturdy metal material used in the construction of the handle ensures durability, ​making it a long-lasting replacement for your old or broken recliner handle. The easy-to-use design ‍allows for a hassle-free installation, allowing‍ you‍ to effortlessly upgrade the look of your sofa without breaking the bank.

In terms⁢ of size and color, the black metal handle measures 11.2cm in length, 6.6cm in height, and 3.8cm in depth. The package includes ‌2 pieces of ​the sofa replacement pull‌ handle and 2 hook pieces⁣ as pictured, excluding the recliner ‍cable. Before making a purchase, it is essential to double-check the dimensions of⁣ your old recliner pull handle to ensure a proper fit. Don’t miss out ⁤on the opportunity to⁢ give your recliner a new⁤ lease on life with these high-quality replacement parts. Grab yours today and upgrade your sofa recliner ⁢with ease!

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Detailed Insights
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When it comes⁤ to⁤ upgrading our recliner chair or sofa, we always want durable and reliable replacement parts. That’s ‍why we were thrilled to find the 2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts. These metal handles are not only sturdy and durable but also easy to install. The larger oval style handle is made of high-quality ​metal material, making it more durable than plastic ‍handles. With dimensions ​of 11.2 cm in length, ​6.6 cm in​ height, and 3.8 cm in depth, these replacement parts are universal and fit most reclining sofas and‌ chairs, such as Ashley and Major brands.

What we love most about these replacement parts is how easy they are to use. Simply remove the old or broken handle and replace it with the new metal handle for a fresh ‌new look. The package includes 2 pieces of the​ sofa replacement pull handle and 2⁤ pieces⁢ of ‌hooks, making it a complete solution for⁣ our recliner needs. The black color adds ⁣a sleek and modern touch to any sofa. So, if you’re looking for ‌high-quality, affordable, and universal replacement parts for‍ your recliner, ‌look no further than the ‍2 ‌Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts.​ Update your sofa today with these ‍durable metal handles! Check it‌ out ​now!Recommendations
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When it comes to finding a sturdy and reliable replacement handle for‍ your recliner chair, ‍look no⁢ further than the 2 Pack ⁣Metal Recliner Replacement ⁢Parts. These⁢ metal handles are 11.2 cm ⁤in length, 6.6 ‍cm in height, and ​3.8 cm in depth, making them a ‍universal fit for most reclining sofas and⁤ chairs, including popular brands like Ashley and⁤ Major. The larger ⁢oval style design is made of sturdy metal material, ensuring durability and longevity compared to‍ plastic handles.

In addition to being ‍universal and sturdy, these replacement handles are also incredibly easy to use. ‍Simply swap out your ‍old ​or broken handle with the new metal one to give your ​sofa a⁢ fresh new look. The set comes with 2 pieces of replacement pull handles and 2 pieces of hooks, all in a sleek black color. Don’t forget ‍to double-check the size of ⁢your ⁤old handle before purchasing⁤ to ensure a ‍proper fit for your recliner. Upgrade your ⁣furniture with these high-quality replacement parts and enjoy a brand new reclining experience. Hurry and get your ⁤2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement​ Parts now on Amazon! Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

After reading ‍through a variety of customer reviews, we have compiled a summary of common themes and feedback about the 2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts. Here’s what ‍customers are saying:

Review Summary
“They fixed our reclining couch so that you can again raise the bottom leg part into a recliner.” Customers⁢ are pleased with the⁤ functionality of these replacement parts.
“Fits as it should and works as it should.” Positive feedback on​ the fit and performance of the parts.
“This replacement part fits perfectly. It⁢ also seems to be better quality than the original.” Customers appreciate the quality and precision of the replacement parts.
“The metal⁢ ones fit‌ perfectly and are much better quality.” Customers ⁣are satisfied with​ the durable metal​ construction.
“This product worked perfectly​ to replace plastic ones that broke.” Positive feedback ⁤on the ease of installation and functionality of the replacement⁢ parts.
“Better than the cheap original plastic part. Perfect fit.” Customers are pleased with the quality ​and fit of these replacement metal parts.

Overall, customers ‍have found the 2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts to be a reliable and ⁣durable ⁢solution for fixing broken recliner handles. The majority of reviewers are satisfied with the quality, fit, and⁢ performance of these replacement parts. If you’re looking to revamp your sofa and restore functionality to your recliner, these metal handles may be the‌ perfect solution for you.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


1. Universal fit for most reclining sofas and chairs
2. Sturdy metal material for durability
3. Easy to use and replace old or broken handles
4. Comes in a‍ pack ‍of 2 with hooks included
5. Affordable option to revamp your sofa


1. Does not ‍include the​ recliner cable
2. Black color may not match all​ sofa designs

Overall, the 2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts offers ​a cost-effective solution to rejuvenate your Ashley Mercado sofa with its universal fit and durable metal ⁣construction. However, be ‍mindful ‌of the color and the need for a separate recliner⁤ cable.

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Q: Is this metal recliner handle easy to install?
A: ‌Yes, it is very easy to install. You just need to use the new metal⁤ handle to replace your old​ or broken recliner handle. ⁣It is a perfect aftermarket replacement that⁤ will give your sofa a new ‌look.

Q: Will this metal handle fit my reclining sofa?
A:⁤ This metal handle is universal and fits most ⁢reclining sofas and chairs,⁣ including Ashley and‍ other major brands. Please double​ check the size ⁢(11.2CM6.6CM3.8CM) before making your purchase to ensure compatibility.

Q: Is the metal handle durable?
A:‍ Yes, the larger oval style⁤ recliner‌ handle is made⁤ of sturdy metal ⁢material, which is more durable than plastic handles. It is a high-quality replacement ‌part that will last for a long time.

Q: ⁢How many pieces do I get with ‌this ⁢purchase?
A: You will receive 2 pieces ‍of the sofa replacement pull handle and 2 pieces of the hook as shown in the picture. Please note ⁤that the⁤ recliner cable is not included.

Q: What color⁤ is ‌the⁤ metal handle?
A: The metal handle is black ‍in color.

Q: Can this⁣ metal‍ handle be used for both ‌sofa and couch recliners?
A: Yes, this metal handle is designed to fit most reclining sofas and chairs, so it can be used⁢ for both sofa and couch recliners.⁣ Embrace a New Era
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As we wrap up our review ⁣of the Ashley Mercado⁤ Recliner Handle, we can confidently say that these 2 Pack Metal Recliner Replacement Parts are a must-have for revamping your sofa. With their ‍universal fit, ​sturdy metal construction, and easy ⁢installation, these replacement handles are the perfect solution for upgrading‍ your recliner.​ Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your sofa a ⁤fresh new look⁣ with these high-quality parts.

Ready to upgrade your​ sofa? Click here to ‌purchase the 2 Pack Metal‍ Recliner Replacement Parts⁢ on Amazon today: Buy Now!

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